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Mar 28, 2010 EV Training a Scizor in soul silver? I want to ev train my new scyther (which I will be evolving into a scizor) in speed and attack. To train, give it a macho brace and go train right next to new bark town. All pokemon there give 1 ev in attack or speed. Go to serebii. net for more details, really helpful site Here is an olderApr 09, 2010  Is there a person in Soul Silver that can check to see if your Pokemon's EV's are maxed? I just finished EV training my Hitmontop, but want to make sure I didn't miss any points by mistake. but I know there's an ev calculator if you go to serebii. net ev training in soul silver serebii

pokemon games effort values training guide This is just a simple guide listing all the best places to train for EVs. If you are uncertain as to what EVs are, check out Psypoke's Effort Values Guide.

Guide to Competitive Pokemon EV training and IV Breeding Mikazukinoyaiba Follow. Forum Posts: 110; 100 appearance rate List of spots for EV Training in Heartgold and Soul Silver HP: Magma Armor[b and [bFlame Body[b You can check on Serebii for which pokemon have this ability, if you have a pokemon with this ability at the front Aug 23, 2011 Hey everyone, I have a question regarding EV training my Dratini on Soul Silver version. I placed 254 EVs into its HP, 44 EVs into its attack, and 212 EVs into its speed. I heard you can only put 252 EVs into a stat to fully max it out, but I put 254 into the HP stat. ev training in soul silver serebii Mar 29, 2010 For Pokemon SoulSilver Version on the DS, EV Training Guide by 211kyle211.

Walkthrough EV Training. There is also a way to control these with the power items in Soul Silver and Heart Gold, depending on the power item you can get your baby pokemon to inherit the Ivs on the certain stat depending on the item. Even so it doesnt really affect that much so dont worry so much about it. ev training in soul silver serebii But sometimes you will find that a pokemon gives EVs in an odd stat, like Charizard giving 3 EVs to Special Attack or that a pokemon gives EVs to more than one stat, like Venusaur giving 2 EVs to Special attack and 1 EV to Special Defense. Just watch out for those things. If you can't find the EV, just use the pokedex to find it. For every 4 EVs you gain in a specific stat, you'll gain 1 to your Pokemon's base value in that stat. What this basically means is that if you battle 4 Patrat with your Tepig, Tepig will then gain 1 to its attack stat (because each Patrat gives 1 EV in the attack stat). Aug 13, 2010 Pokemon Soul Silver EV Training? What's EV training i just dont get it what it does I read tutorials about it like if you fight 4 zubats and get a level up you go up 5 EV does it change the stats or are EVs hidden I want to EV Train my lvl 1 charmander these are his stats HP 1212 Attack(Blue) 5 Defence 6 SP. Atk. (Red) 6 Sp. show more What

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